Biochemistry Lab Syllabus

CHM L352 Fall, 2014

McCall Hall, Room 305

Instructor:  Christopher King

Sections:          Thursday, 8:30-11:20 AM, TOBA

Thursday, 2:30-5:20 PM, TUBA

Course Materials:   

Lab procedures may be downloaded from my web site,

lab notebook


Course Description:   This lab illustrates the lecture material and acquaints the student with biochemistry techniques and equipment.

Objectives:   On a final exam, be able to:

Tentative Schedule



Aug. 21


Aug. 28

Combinatorial Synthesis and Discovery of an Antibiotic Compound

Sept. 4

An SDS-PAGE Examination of Protein Quaternary Structure and Disulfide Bonding

Sept. 11

Isolation & Characterization of the Enzyme Alkaline Phosphatase from E. coli, Day 1

Sept. 18

Day 2

Sept. 25

Day 3

Oct. 2

Determination of Km and Vmax for Alkaline Phosphatase

Oct. 9

Gel Affinity Chromatography

Oct. 16

To be announced

Oct. 23

DNA Composition Analysis by Nuclease Digestion and HPLC

Oct. 30

Determination of the Fatty Acid Content of Membranes by GC-MS

Nov. 6


Nov. 13

Using AutoDock to Examine Protein Binding

Nov. 20

“Final Exam”

Nov. 27

Thanksgiving Break

Grading:  A, 90-100; B, 80-89; C, 70-79; D, 60-69

70%     Lab Reports

20%     Lab Notebooks

10%     Final Exam

An excuse must be provided for missed labs.

If you drop lecture, you must drop lab.

Lab reports:  type-written, neat Lab reports will be prepared with your lab partner.  Report grades will be based on scientific content, grammar, and proper use of language.  Points will be deducted from late reports.

Disabilities:  Students whose disabilities fall within the “Americans with Disabilities Act” should inform me as soon as possible of any special needs.  Students with a learning disability should inform the instructor, preferably after contacting the Office of Adaptive Needs Program (Trojan Center 215, 670-3221).  Various accommodations are available through the Adaptive Needs Program.