Biochemistry Syllabus

CHM 3352, section TGAA, Spring, 2017

McCall Hall, Room 318

MWF 1:00-1:50 PM


Instructor:  Dr. Christopher King

Office:  McCall 312H, (334)670-3576.

Textbook:  Charlotte Pratt and Kathleen Cornely, Essential Biochemistry, 3rd edition, 2013, John Wiley, eText (at bottom of “Overview”):  ISBN-13 978-1-118-54959-9.  Can be purchased from VitalSource for $65.63:

Prerequisites:  Organic Chemistry II and lab, CHM 3343 and CHM L343. 

Corequisite:  Biochemistry Lab, CHM L352

Office hours:  see my schedule, below.

Schedule of Dr. King, Spring, 2017








Office hours 

Office hours 

Office hours 


Office hours 


Adv. Inorganic, MSCX 318

Office hours 

Adv. Inorganic, MSCX 318

Adv. Inorganic, MSCX 318



Office hours 





Biochemistry, MSCX 318

Office hours 

Biochemistry, MSCX 318


Biochemistry, MSCX 318


Office hours 

Office hours 





Office hours 


Lab, MSCX 305


Lab, MSCX 305


Adv. Inorg. Lab, MSCX 305




Home page:  Computers are available in ComputerWorks, 135 Eldridge Hall, and in the library.

Course Description:  Describes the molecular basis of life.  Discusses the structure, function and metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and nucleic acids.

Tentative Schedule

1/11 Wed

Chap. 1, The Chemical Basis of Life

1/13 Fri


1/16 Mon

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (No Classes)

1/16 Tues

Last day to add/drop/withdraw without financial penalty

1/18 Wed


1/20 Fri

Chap. 2, Aqueous Chemistry. 

1/23 Mon


1/25 Wed

Chap. 4, Protein Structure. 

1/27 Fri


1/30 Mon

Quiz:  amino acid structures

2/1 Wed


2/3 Fri


2/6 Mon

Chap. 5, Protein Function. 

2/8 Wed

Test 1

2/10 Fri

Chap. 6, How Enzymes Work.

2/13 Mon

Ch. 5 homework due.

2/15 Wed


2/17 Fri


2/20 Mon

Chap. 7, Enzyme Kinetics and Inhibition. 

2/22 Wed


2/24 Fri

Quiz:  protease mechanism

2/27 Mon


3/1 Wed


3/3 Fri

Chap. 11, Carbohydrates. 

3/6, Mon-3/12, Sun          Spring Break

3/13 Mon

Test 2

3/15 Wed


3/17 Fri

Quiz:  sugar structures 

3/20 Mon

Chap. 3, From Genes to Proteins. 

3/22 Wed


3/24 Fri


3/27 Mon

Quiz:  DNA structure.  Last day to drop

3/29 Wed

Chap. 8, Lipids and Membranes. 

3/31 Fri


4/3 Mon

Quiz:  Lipid structures

4/5 Wed

Chap. 12, Metabolism and Bioenergetics. 

4/7 Fri


4/10 Mon


4/12 Wed

Chap. 13, Glucose Metabolism.

4/14 Fri

Test 3

4/17 Mon


4/19 Wed

Quiz:  Glycolysis pathway

4/21 Fri

Chap. 14, The Citric Acid Cycle. 

4/24 Mon


4/26 Wed

Chap. 15, Oxidative Phosphorylation. 

4/28 Fri


5/1 Mon

Test 4.  Last day of class

5/3 Wed

Dead Day

5/5 Fri

Final Exam, 5-7 PM


Grading:  A, 90-100; B, 80-89; C, 70-79; D, 60-69

15%    Quizzes (6)

50%    Tests (4)

15%    Top Hat Class Response System

20%    Final Exam

To make up a missed test or quiz, an excuse must be provided prior to that test or quiz.

If you drop lecture, you must drop lab.

For an incomplete to be considered, the student must have a C for the completed material.


Disabilities:  Students whose disabilities fall within the “Americans with Disabilities Act” should inform me as soon as possible of any special needs.  Students with a learning disability should inform me, preferably after contacting the Office of Adaptive Needs Program (Trojan Center 215, 670-3221).  Various accommodations are available through the Adaptive Needs Program.


Top Hat

This is a classroom response system:  the instructor asks questions, you answer them using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop computer.  The object is to get students actively participating in the class.  This system costs $24 a semester.  To get started, go to, click “sign-up”, and enter the “join code” 370884 (that’s for our biochemistry course).