Learning Objectives, Chapter 3

Chapter 3, From Genes to Proteins

3.1  DNA is the Genetic Material       

Classify nitrogenous bases according to ring system.

Name the nucleosides.  5

Name nucleotides.  7, 11

Given a sequence of base pairs, sketch one strand of the nucleic acid (DNA or RNA).

State what determines which bases pair.  9

Recognize the minor and major grooves in DNA.

State the three main differences between DNA and RNA.

Relate Tm to stacking interactions in DNA.  13, 15, 17

Describe renaturing of DNA.

3.2  Genes Encode Proteins

Describe the flow of genetic information.  23, 27

Given a sequence of bases and the genetic code, list the sequence of amino acids that the codons code for.  25

3.3  Genomics


3.4  Tools and Techniques:  Manipulating DNA

Describe pyrosequencing.

Given a sequence of nucleotides and a table of where restriction enzymes cleave,

     1)  predict which restriction enzymes would produce sticky ends, and

     2)  sketch the double-stranded cut pattern.  33, 37

Describe the formation of a recombinant DNA molecule.