General Chemistry I Syllabus

CHM 1142, section TGAA, Fall, 2017

McCall Hall, Room 214

MWF 1:00-1:50 PM


Instructor:  Dr. Christopher King

Office:  McCall 312H, (334)670-3576,

Textbook:  T. L. Brown, W. E. LeMay, Jr., B. E. Bursten, Chemistry, the Central Science, 13th edition, 2014, Pearson.  Also need “Modified Mastering Chemistry”.


Buy entire textbook if plan on taking general chemistry II (includes “Modified Mastering Chemistry”, if purchased in bookstore)

Buy just chapters 1-7 loose leaf in bookstore (also includes “Modified Mastering Chemistry”).

Buy “Modified Mastering Chemistry” through Blackboard and include the textbook as an ebook.

 (Free Supplement:  openstax chemistry)

Prerequisites:  Concurrent enrollment in MTH 1112, Pre-calculus Algebra

Corequisite:  General Chemistry I Lab, CHM L142

Office hours:  see my schedule, below

Schedule of Dr. King, Fall, 2017














Office hours 

Gen Chem. 2 Lab, MSCX 306

Office hours 

Office hours 


Office hours 

Gen Chem. 2 Lab, MSCX 306

Office hours 

Office hours 


Gen. Chem. 2,

MSCX 318

Gen. Chem. 2,

MSCX 318

Gen. Chem. 2,

MSCX 318


Gen. Chem. 1,

MSCX 214

Gen. Chem. 1,

MSCX 214

Gen. Chem. 1,

MSCX 214



Gen Chem. 1 Lab, MSCX 310











Home page:

Computers are available in ComputerWorks, 135 Eldridge Hall, and in the library.

Tutors are available at the Natural Science Center (126 Eldridge Hall)

Course Description:  Emphasis is placed on the periodic table and stoichiometry, including chemical properties, physical states, and structure.

Tentative Schedule

8/16 Wed

Chap. 1, Introduction:  Matter and Measurement

8/18 Fri


8/21 Mon

Introduction to MasteringChemistry due.  Last day to add/drop/withdraw without financial penalty

8/23 Wed

Dynamic Study Module:  Element Names

8/25 Fri


8/28 Mon

Dynamic Study Module:  Metric Prefixes

8/30 Wed

Chap. 2, Atoms, Molecules, and Ions.  MC:  Chap. 1 homework due

9/1 Fri

MC:  Chap. 1 test due

9/4 Mon

Labor Day; No Class Dynamic Study Module:  Simple Ionic Compounds

9/6 Wed

Dynamic Study Module:  Polyatomic Ionic Compounds

9/8 Fri

Dynamic Study Module:  Transition Metal Ionic Compounds

9/11 Mon

Dynamic Study Module:  “Covalent Molecular Compounds”

9/13 Wed

Chap. 3, Stoichiometry:  Calculations with Chemical Formulas and Equations.  Dynamic Study Module:  Binary and Polyatomic acids.

9/15 Fri

MC:  Chap. 2 homework due. 

9/18 Mon

MC:  Chap. 2 test due

9/20 Wed


9/22 Fri


9/25 Mon


9/27 Wed

Chap. 4, Aqueous Reactions and Solution Stoichiometry.  MC:  Chap. 3 homework due

9/29 Fri

MC:  Chap. 3 test due

10/2 Mon


10/4 Wed


10/6 Fri


10/9 Mon


10/11 Wed


10/13 Fri


10/16 Mon


10/18 Wed

Chap. 5, Thermochemistry.  MC:  Chap. 4 homework due

10/20 Fri

MC:  Chap. 4 test due (Taken in class)

10/23 Mon

Last day to drop

10/25 Wed


10/27 Fri


10/30 Mon

Chap. 6, Electronic Structure of Atoms.  MC:  Chap. 5 homework due

11/1 Wed

MC:  Chap. 5 test due

11/3 Fri


11/6 Mon


11/8 Wed


11/10 Fri

Veteran’s Day; No Class

11/13 Mon

Chap. 7, Periodic Properties of the Elements.  MC:  Chap. 6 homework due

11/15 Wed


11/17 Fri

MC:  Chap. 6 test due

11/20-24, Mon-Fri    Thanksgiving Break; No Classes

11/27 Mon


11/29 Wed


12/1 Fri


12/4 Mon

Last day of class.  MC:  Chap. 7 homework due.  (MC:  Chap. 7 test due Tuesday, 11/29)

12/6 Wed

Dead Day

12/8 Fri

Final Exam, 5-7PM


Grading:  A, 90-100; B, 80-89; C, 70-79; D, 60-69

22%    Homework

  7%    “Dynamic Study Modules”

  1%    “Adaptive Follow-up”

50%    Tests

20%    Final Exam

Make-up exams and quizzes will not be available except under extreme circumstances (a doctor’s excuse) or a university-approved absence.  Make-up quizzes must be completed before the test covering the material on the quiz.  Written documentation is required for absences that allow make-up work to be done.  Make-up work is the student’s responsibility.  When applicable, make-up work must be completed within one week of the missed exam or quiz. 

If you drop lecture, you must drop lab.

For an incomplete to be considered, the student must have a C for the completed material.

Disabilities:  Students whose disabilities fall within the “Americans with Disabilities Act” should inform me as soon as possible of any special needs.  Students with a learning disability should inform me, preferably after contacting the Office of Adaptive Needs Program (Trojan Center 215, 670-3221).  Various accommodations are available through the Adaptive Needs Program.

Use of any electronic device by students in the instructional environment is prohibited unless explicitly approved on a case-by-case basis by the instructor or by the Office of Disability Services in collaboration with the instructor.  Cellular phones, pagers, and other communication devices may be used for emergencies, however, but sending or receiving non-emergency messages is forbidden by the University.  Particularly, use of a communication device to violate the Troy University “Standards of Conduct” will result in appropriate disciplinary action (See pp. 42-52 of the Oracle



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