Chapter 6

Know Cs = q / (DT mass)

Exo & endothermic

Construct a heating curve, maybe.

Use Hess’ Law to add reactions.

Use Heats of Formation to calculate standard enthalpy changes


Chapter 12

Calculate ppm

Vocabulary:  molar solubility, supersaturated

Dynamic equilibrium.

Factors affecting solubility:  high charges tend to be insoluble

Like dissolves like.  How does soap work?  Hydrophobic, hydrophilic

(Skip section 12.5 on colloids)


Henry’s Law:  S = kH × P; be able to use to predict solubilities

Know how temperature affects solubility (no simple relation)

Process of dissolution:  visualize in three steps; calculate in two using DHsol = DHlattice + DHhydration

Account for trends in ion hydration enthalpies

Describe a process in terms of disorder.


Raoult’s Law:  P = xsolvent × Ppure  

F. P. Depression:  DT = ikf × molality

        P = iRT × molarity

Be able to calculate molar mass using last two equations.