General Chemistry II Lab Syllabus

CHM L143, Spring 2020

MSCX, Room 306

Course Description:  This course will familiarize you with laboratory techniques and equipment common to chemistry laboratories and reinforce concepts learned in lecture.

Co-requisite: CHM 1143.  If you drop lecture, you must also drop lab.

Sections: All Sections meet in 306 MSCX for Lab. 








8:00-10:50 AM

C. King



11:00-1:50 PM

A. Ghosh



2:00-4:50 PM

C. King



2:00-4:50 PM

S. Liu

Contacts:                    Chemistry Office (MSCX, Room 315)           Phone: 670-3408

1. Dr. Chris King:

            Office:             MSCX, Room 312H

            Email:                                                 Phone: 670-3576

2. Dr. Arun Ghosh:

            Office:             MSCX, Room 336

            Email:                                               Phone: 808-6758

3. Dr. Shaoyang Liu:

            Office:             MSCX, Room 312C

            Email:                                                    Phone: 808-6556


Required Materials:

1)    Printed Lab Handouts (see instruction on the next page)

2)    Scientific Calculator

3)    Safety goggles (you may rent safety googles in the labs from the Chemistry Club for $1 per week. Please make sure to pay off your rental, or an “Incomplete” grade could be given for this course)

Laboratory Safety:  The chemistry lab can be a dangerous place if certain safety rules are not followed.  In light of this we will require each student abides by certain safety policies and procedures when working in the chemistry lab. Failure to comply with these procedures will result in the student being asked to leave the laboratory and being assigned a “0” on the lab. You will be required to wear departmental approved safety goggles, long pants, and closed-toed shoes at all times when working in the lab. This means that on lab days you must plan ahead to assure you will not be in violation of laboratory dress-code. 

Tentative Schedule 


Lab Title

Jan. 14/15

Excel Graphing Lab – Meet in 311 Wallace

Jan. 21/22

Spontaneity and Reversal of Reactions

Jan. 28/29

Molecular Geometry

Feb. 4/5

Resonance Structures

Feb. 11/12

Determination of Absolute Zero on the Celsius Scale

Feb. 18/19

Molar Mass of a Volatile Liquid by the Dumas Method

Feb. 25/26

Molar Mass by Freezing Point Depression

Mar. 3/4

Spectroscopic Determination of Aspirin

Mar. 10/11

Spring Break (No Labs)

Mar. 17/18

Determining an Equilibrium Constant

Mar. 24/25

Le Châtelier’s Principle

Mar. 31/Apr. 1

Ka of a Weak Acid from pH Measurements

Apr. 7/8

Buffers and Resistance to pH Change

Apr. 14/15

Makeup labs

Apr. 21/22

Lab Finals

Apr. 28/29

No Labs

Grading:        A:  90-100;                  B: 80-89;                     C: 70-79;                     D:  60-69

           80%     Lab reports & pre-lab assignments

           20%     Final Exam

You will lose one LETTER grade for each lab that is missed. There is only one laboratory session for each experiment, and make up labs cannot be scheduled. 

Sharing your experimental data with other student (or group, if working in groups), obtaining data not based on YOUR experiment, or faking data are considered as CHEATING! All the students involved will be assigned zeroes for that lab AND will lose one LETTER grade for the course.

Pre-lab quiz will be given at the beginning of the lab when applicable. The score of pre-lab quiz will count 20% for the lab report score. The formal lab reports and especially the graphical portions of the reports should be carefully prepared. They are due at the end of lab.

Lab manual: The e-version of the lab manuals are provided online free of charge. You may download them from the following website:

However, to ensure the lab sections go smoothly, it is your responsibility to print the correct manual out before the lab starts. Make sure to print them single-sided. Alternatively, you may go to the secretary of Chemistry & Physics Department in MSCX 315 to purchase the manuals for $2 per lab before the lab starts.

Posting of Grades: Grade information will not be provided over the phone or via e-mail.  If you have any questions or concerns about your grade please feel free to come by in person and we will discuss your grade in detail with you.

Firearms Policy: Regardless and in spite of recent changes in Alabama law related to the matter, it remains the policy of Troy University that no person other than authorized law enforcement officers shall be permitted to bring any firearm onto any campus, teaching, or service support property, owned or leased by the University, no matter whether they hold a permit to do so, or not.  It has been determined that it is the University’s prerogative to establish its policy related to this question and therefore the current University policy on firearms remains in effect.

Pregnancy:  Women who become pregnant must either a) take an incomplete and drop the lab, or b) obtain a written statement from a doctor recommending that you be allowed to complete the course.  We will work with you on this.

Disabilities: Troy University supports Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, which insure that postsecondary students with disabilities have equal access to all academic programs, physical access to all buildings, facilities and events, and are not discriminated against on the basis of disability. Eligible students, with appropriate documentation, will be provided equal opportunity to demonstrate their academic skills and potential through the provision of academic adaptations and reasonable accommodations.  Further information, including appropriate contact information, can be found at the link for Troy University’s Office of Human Resources at