Biochemistry Lab

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Syllabus. An old syllabus showing how these labs could be put together in a course.


Chemistry structure drawing programs.  All of these are free, but they all require the user to register.

Biovia Draw  The standard chemistry drawing software.  A big file (82 Mb).

ChemSketch  Slightly better (and more complicated) than Accelrys Draw

KnowItAll  Also a big file (93 Mb), it does the most, but requires internet access to Bio-Rad to continue to use.

Graphics programs

Jmol  An open-source graphics program.  Requires that java be installed on the computer.  (Jmol.jar is the file that starts the Jmol program.)

RasMol  A simple program, easy to use.


Protein data bank 

UniProt, "functional information on proteins"

ExPASy Proteomics Server, sequences  Protein sequences

National Center for Biotechnology Information Lots of databases

Biocatalysis/Biodegradation Database  Metabolic pathways

AutoDock Vina  A free ligand docking program

Lab Write-ups

Combinatorial Synthesis

web page, Word document

Subunit Molar Mass of ADH by SDS-Page

Word document

YouTube video describing SDS-PAGE

Isolation & Characterization of the Enzyme Alkaline Phosphatase from E. coli

Word document

Spectroscopic Measurment of Enzyme Activity

Alkaline Phosphatase Assay

Word document (doesn't work, yet)

Docking Molecules to a Protein; a computer lab

Word document (not needed, since it will be provided on the computer)

Determination of Km and vmax for alkaline phosphatase

Word document, lab setup notes, enzyme kinetics spreadsheet

DNA Composition Analysis by Nuclease Digestion and HPLC

Word document

Determination of Membrane Fatty Acid Composition by GC-MS

Word document


Introduction to Bioinformatics

Last updated:  August 9, 2021