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The structure of ferrocene, an iron-containing molecule



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Structure of mustard gas, a chemical warfare agent

mustard gas

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A superb paper on how to write: The Science of Scientific Writing

The three tenors in the tenor section of our barbershop chorus; I'm the one on the right.

The tenor section of our barbershop chorus. That's me on the right.

Chemistry Departments in Alabama (Map)

Chemistry Departments in Other States
Public, PhD in Chemistry
Auburn University Schedule   ACS-certified degree
University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa Schedule   ACS-certified degree
University of Alabama at Birmingham Schedule   ACS-certified degree
Public, No PhD in Chemistry
Alabama A&M University, Huntsville  
Alabama State University, Montgomery Schedule
Athens State University Schedule
Auburn University at Montgomery Schedule
Jacksonville State University Schedule
Troy University Schedule
University of Alabama at Huntsville Schedule   ACS-certified degree; also, M.S. in chemistry
University of Montevallo Schedule
University of North Alabama, Florence Schedule   ACS-certified degree
University of South Alabama, Mobile Schedule   ACS-certified degree
University of West Alabama, Livingston
Birmingham-Southern College Schedule   ACS-certified degree
Huntingdon College, Montgomery Schedule
Judson College, Marion Schedule
Oakwood College, Huntsville Schedule
Samford University, Birmingham Schedule
Spring Hill College, Mobile Schedule
Talladega College Schedule
Tuskegee University Schedule   ACS-certified degree; also, M.S. in chemistry

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Chemistry Formatter for Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Converts H2SO4 and NH4+ to H2SO4 and NH4+.

Display Password-Protected Grades and Grade Distributions on the Internet

Add Scores on Multipage Tests

Excel 2010 Scheduling spreadsheet

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Figures of Molecular Structures for General Chemistry I in an Excel spreadsheet. 1.6 MB

General Chemistry I Test Bank.  A 50 page Word document of questions with answers; most are not multiple choice.  1.4 MB

Dr. Liu's Contribution

Dr. Liu is using OpenChrom, an open-source software for chromatography amd mass spectrometry. He has created a manual for getting started using that software. This manual is released under a creative commons license.

Last updated:  January 16, 2019