General Chemistry II

CHM 1143

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Algebra Tools

Solve equations on the web.  These are especially useful for equilibrium problems.

Mathpapa The “Solve” page can solve equilibrium problems.

Solve equations on your Microsoft Windows computer.

Microsoft Mathematics 4.0  Here, too, the “Solve” page can solve equilibrium problems.  (There doesn't seem to be a similar program for the Mac.)

Alternative Textbooks

The course textbook, written by Brown, LeMay, and others, is a very good textbook. It is described in the syllabus. It may be purchased with MasterinChemistry as an ebook. If you feel you cannot afford to pay the extra $50 or so to buy the ebook, here is an alternative available online. It is not as good as Brown & LeMay, but you can learn from it, and it is free.

Openstax College: Chemistry

Last updated:  July 29, 2021